In piena presenza (solo show)



13.12.2015 – 29.01.2016

In Piena Presenza (In Full Presence) is the title of Lucia Veronesi’s solo show at Yellow. For this occasion the artist confronted the space in Varese for which she realised a site-specific video-installation, a large scale summary of her creative process.

The work “Le Cose Entrano in Scena Sempre al Momento Giusto” (Things Appear on the Scene Always At The Right Moment) presents an extra large version of one of Lucia Veronesi’s boxes. This is at the same time a device for the projection of a video as well as a physical space in which the spectator may enter to experience the projected images from a different point of view. This large box is deliberately constructed from recycled cardboard and shabby materials, just like the artist uses in her small boxes, with the same fake-wood adhesive paper and old wallpaper that becomes a projection screen.

‘Le Cose Entrano in Scena Sempre al Momento Giusto’, is a dialogue that takes place between the container and its content. There is no clear beginning or end, but rather a collection of moments and tangled viewpoints. These “things” that “enter on the scene always at the right moment” break the harmony, defy the sense of logic, alter the point of view, thus unsettling the reassuring images of a room, its everyday objects and layout; they penetrate through cracks and folds, and hide behind curtains and doors.

Also on show is a selection of prints from the series ‘In Piena Presenza’ (In Full Presence), -the title of this exhibition. Other photographs are a selection from the series ‘La Stanza Addosso’ (Looming Room). The pictures, printed on cotton-paper, are the final phase of a project that departed from painting and developed into collage and three-dimensional work.

The work of Lucia Veronesi originates from the fascination of the artist for accumulation, the obsession some people have for collecting objects, things they cannot seem to get rid of…”an obsessive accumulation, out of control, which transforms homes and surroundings: I am – says the artist – interested in the consequences and the effects this brings about, specifically the formal effects”.

Download the interview between Lucia Veronesi and Vera Portatadino